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“I have personally suffered with Sciatica. I have developed an amazing programme and system to recover from your sciatica symptoms permanently.”

At Back in Balance Clinic we take a holistic approach to your care, looking not just at the site of your pain but at the surrounding structures to better understand how your condition is affecting you.

Sciatica is a prime example of referred pain, where the symptoms of discomfort you feel are not located primarily over the site of injury.

Symptoms Sciatica may present

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Our consultation process will initially look at the circumstances that led to your onset of pain, your lifestyle and type of work. This is then followed by a thorough physical assessment that will identify any structures that have been affected by the injury.

Our approach allows us to not only identify and treat the source of your pain, but provide constructive advice in avoiding future injury.

There are some signs of Sciatica that indicate a more serious injury, for which you should seek medical attention immediately. These are;


Anatomy of the spine

The sciatic nerve is one of the main nerves running from the bottom of the spine, through the deep tissues of the buttock, down the back of the leg, all the way to the toes. It initially emerges as thick nerve roots from the spinal cord, branching out to the left and right between the large vertebral bones of the lumbar spine. Sciatica describes any impingement of the sciatic nerve roots, and can manifest symptoms anywhere along the length of the nerves on either the right or left side.

In more severe cases both sides can be affected at the same time.

Common Causes of Sciatica

Some red flags for insidious onset of Sciatica are;

Treatment for Sciatica

Once the underlying cause of your pain is fully understood than a detailed treatment plan will be developed to target your main injury and achieve your personal recovery goals.

It will initially deal with your symptoms of pain, managing or relieving it completely depending on severity.

Once under control a combination of therapies including stretches, massage and joint mobilisations will contribute to the fullest possible recovery.

Some treatments for Sciatica we use include;

Back in Balance Clinic Strategy To Resolve Your Sciatica

Pain Relief



Benefits of Sciatica treatment

Our philosophy at Back in balance Clinic is to facilitate the bodies’ natural healing processes, speeding up your recovery and reducing reliance on pain medication.

Managing your own recovery through using the Back in Balance approach to treament and making lifestyle changes using our guidance is the best method of achieving lasting pain free recovery.

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