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Posture Problems

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What are Posture Problems?

Most people would agree that good posture is important, however most of us are too busy to pay much attention to how we sit and stand. The problem is that bad posture is usually comfortable and the more serious side effects develop slowly over long periods.

This pushes good posture down our list of priorities and means we often don’t connect it with the pain and injuries that develop as result.

Our holistic treatment approach at Back in Balance Clinic will look at any pain or injury you present with, and see how it has affected the surrounding structures.

Invariably we will look at the overall posture to see if adaptive changes have contributed to your physical impairment.

As part of a comprehensive treatment plan we will target both the injury itself and the postural issues aggravating it.

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Symptoms of Posture Problems

Even standing still chatting with friends in a consistently uneven posture can over time lead to minor aches and pains.

At Back in Balance Clinic we can help raise your awareness about posture to allow you to take back control of your body, then realign yourself to look and feel better.

It will take conscious effort at first, but will quickly become second nature. This is achieved through treatment and posture exercise prescribed to you.

Common Signs of Poor Posture;

Causes of Posture Problems

Many people are leading increasing sedentary lifestyles, remaining in a single general position for extended periods. Such prolonged bouts of poor posture cause adaptive changes in your soft tissues, potentially leading to permanent deformation if not corrected.

Typical causes of Poor Posture

How Back in Balance clinic treat Posture Problems

We will conduct a consultation and through this discussion we will enquire about your physical issues and the circumstances surrounding their onset. We will look at your broader lifestyle and activity levels to better understand the contributing factors. This will allow us to fully comprehend the mechanism leading to your impairment, and offer targeted advice to produce lasting positive changes.

We will then conduct a physical assessment to identify which structures have been affected.

We can then develop a personalised treatment plan to address any current symptoms of pain or issues you may be having. Along with providing advice to avoid reoccurring injury.

Postural Problems can be corrected with

Benefits of Posture Problem Treatment

Good posture is about more than simply avoiding potential aches and injuries. It can affect our self-perception and confidence, improving mental health and our sense of well-being. Good posture affects us whether we are standing still or moving. Our dynamic stability is affected throughout movements by the posture we hold.

Our Strategy To Resolve Your Posture Problems

Pain Relief



Benefits of Good Posture;

At Back in Balance Clinic we understand this is your rehabilitation journey and your input will be vital to achieving the fullest possible recovery.

Get Your Posture Problems Fixed Today!

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During your first appointment with Back in Balance Clinic we will discuss your symptoms, conduct a thorough assessment and examination. This allows us to offer immediate treatment to resolve your aches and pains.


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