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Sports Massage

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Benefits of a Sports Massage

Our Sports Massage involves a range of techniques directed at alleviating issues and pains connected with your physical activities.

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Common conditions treated with Sports Massage therapy;

The most obvious and conventional use of Sports Massage is following prolonged physical activity or as part of a rehabilitation process after an injury.

However, Back in Balance Clinic also use Sports Massage in a preventative capacity, effectively helping reduce the risk of injury during repetitive bouts of training.

It is also routinely used by sports men and women immediately before a big event to warm up and further reduce the risk of injury.

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The combination of pre and post activity massage allows anyone engaging in physical activity to achieve optimal performance whilst minimising the risks of injury.

The Sports Massage offered by Back in Balance Clinic can also help relieve the symptoms of chronic musculoskeletal conditions, reducing pain by encouraging the release of endorphins and increasing mobility.

At Back in Balance Clinic we understand this is your rehabilitation journey and your input will be vital to achieving the fullest possible recovery.

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During your first appointment with Back in Balance Clinic we will discuss your symptoms, conduct a thorough assessment and examination. This allows us to offer immediate treatment to resolve your aches and pains.


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At Back in Balance Clinic we look forward to helping you to be pain free and flexible.