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Back Pain Therapy

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Back pain will affect most of us at some point during our lives.

Back in Balance Clinic specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, supported by our broad clinical experience in treating all manner of physiological aches and pains.

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Our clinical and therapeutic approach proves highly effective in treating both the symptoms and underlying cause of back pain.

The key principle behind Back in Balance Clinic is a holistic approach to treating the patient, looking at how a condition has affected their entire physiology and lifestyle.

Symptoms of Back Pain

Any imbalance in muscles or connective tissues, and misalignment of bones or joints can have a biomechanical knock-on effect on surrounding structures, including internal organs.

Effects of Back Pain;

By correcting the underlying musculoskeletal impairment the body’s natural balance of health is restored, relieving pain and promoting healing throughout all the affected tissues. This approach is designed to reduce the patients reliance on medication.

Lower Back Pain

The symptoms associated with lower Back Pain include;

This can be acute pain targeting a very specific location, often felt as a sharp stabbing pain when moving, or as a persistent aching that spreads across the lower back.

Pain may even be referred higher up the back or down either or both legs.

The most common method of back injury is lifting a load whilst bent forwards, combined with twisting at the waist.

This action puts the maximum stress on the weakest structures in the lower back.

With many people living relatively sedentary lifestyles a more insidious onset of lower back pain can occur from poor postural habits and general physical deconditioning.

In some cases there may be no obvious trigger factors, but examination and treatment will still identify and treat any physical impairment, providing lasting relief from pain.

Upper or Middle Back Pain

The spine is broadly divided into three sections which describe the neck, upper to middle back and the lower back.

The upper or middle spine, clinically referred to as the thoracic spine, covers the area from just above the shoulders to just below the ribs. This section of the back is particularly vulnerable to weakening from poor posture.

As part of the holistic approach used by our clinic concerns using detailed subjective assessments to better understand your lifestyle and how previous injuries have affected your health. We raise the patients awareness of injury prevention, good posture, effects of stress and benefits of exercise.

Back in Balance Clinic promotes early intervention when health problems arise, so that patients can avoid the conditions becoming chronic and spreading to surrounding systems.

Our underlying principle is to relieve painful symptoms and maximise the patient’s movement potential.

To achieve this goal we will use an assessment process taking a general subjective history, but focused more on the events surrounding the injury.

A detailed physical assessment then follows, concentrating on the site of impairment and the adjoining structures.

The information gathered allows Back in Balance Clinic to develop a targeted rehabilitation plan, using combinations of therapy treatments, activity modification advice and mobility aids. A particular emphasis is placed on home exercise plans designed to continue therapeutic benefits between weekly treatment sessions and self-manage the end stages of recovery.

Early intervention is important in achieving the best quality healing.

Back in Balance Clinic
routinely treats the following causes of back pain with great success;

How Back in Balance Clinic treat Back Pain

Specific approaches will always vary dependant on what assessments reveal as the underlying cause of the pain.

Back pain can manifest anywhere along the spine and surrounding tissues, varying widely in intensity, but generally can be divided between sudden and insidious onset.

Many people will experience sudden onset of back pain following an accident, such as a fall, or from performing an action that over exerts the muscles, such as lifting whilst bending and twisting.

Insidious onset of back pain occurs slowly over time, often as a result of poor posture, muscle imbalance or even referred pain from another body structure.

Treating back pain effectively requires not only the relief of immediate pain, allowing you to function normally, but in identifying the underlying cause of the pain. Then applying targeted treatments to correct any impairment or injury, managing the recovery of affected tissues and developing exercises and advice to prevent injury reoccurrence.

At Back In Balance Clinical Strategy To Resolve Your Back Pain

Pain Relief



Early treatment will be focused on pain relief and managing inflammation, then addressing any underlying injury or condition.

Complex cases may require referrals for x-rays or to your doctor for further investigation.

At Back in Balance Clinic we are concerned with management and correction of back, neck and joint pain often in conjunction with sports injury rehabilitation.

If you are looking for treatment that will not only employ massage and manipulation techniques but incorporate lifestyle, psychological and dietary advice then you will benefit from visiting our clinic.

The mission of Back Pain Treatment with Back in Balance clinic;

At Back in Balance Clinic we understand this is your rehabilitation journey and your input will be vital to achieving the fullest possible recovery.

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