Golf Fit Therapy in BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, Crystal Palace, Beckenham and Penge

Gold Fit

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Get Golf Fit!

Back in Balance Clinic approach allows you to get Golf Fit.

Book now to get Golf Fit therapy!

We aim to overcome any injuries you may have that may be limiting your performance.

Golf Fit therapy consists of a consultation followed by assessment and treatment plan and a strategy to improve your performance.

Benefits of Golf Fit Therapy at Back in Balance Clinic:

You can book now for a treatment by calling

 07443 476 078

to arrange a swift appointment and answer any questions you may have.

You may also contact us by email

if you’re not in a hurry…

Your first appointment

During your first appointment with Back in Balance Clinic we will discuss your symptoms, conduct a thorough assessment and examination. This allows us to offer immediate treatment to resolve your aches and pains.


(consultation | assessment | treatment)

You may wish to book for a Sports Massage, £55 for 1 hour, if you simply want help with recovering from the stresses of cycling training and had no injury!

At Back in Balance Clinic we look forward to helping you to be pain free and flexible.