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Gym Fit

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Get Gym Fit!

Back in Balance Clinic approach allows you to get Gym Fit.

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We aim to overcome any injuries you may have that may be limiting your performance.

Gym Fit therapy consists of a consultation followed by assessment and treatment plan and a strategy to improve your performance.

Common Gym Injuries;

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Knee Injuries

This is without a doubt one of the most commonly injured areas. Why? Because most people attempt exercises like squats and lunges without having a clue as to how to perform them. Common complaints include worn out cartilage, torn tendons, and muscle imbalances that can misalign the joint and are caused by excessive training in one discipline.

Shoulder Pain

This is the most versatile and complex joint in the body, as it moves in all planes of motion. Too many trainees load up the weights on heavy overhead shoulder presses and do nothing to to strengthen the rotator cuff – a group of internal muscles that provide the shoulder with stability. The result is that without the stability needed for control, it can lead to rotator cuff tears, strains, a loss of range of motion and weakness.

Tennis Elbow

No you don’t have to play tennis to get this injury, very common amongst many bodybuilders and physical people. Tennis Elbow is an inflammation of the tendon near the outside of the elbow. It’s usually caused by overuse of the forearm extensors; most people over-train their arms as everybody wants to have big “guns”. Plus you use your hands in almost every exercise.

Bicep Strain

This is a common injury in men that are die-hard ‘bicep curling’ guys. Heavy bicep workout sessions with pooor form places tremendous strain on the biceps and tendons, which are relatively small muscles.

Back Pain

Very common. Back injuries are often caused OUTSIDE the gym, often by sitting all day and poor posture. While I hear of people hurting their backs, the most common complaint comes during abdominal work.

Herniated Disc

Protruding, bulging, or herniated disks in the spine.

Hip Flexor Injuries

Many people are under the impression that running is the answer to health, fitness and weight loss. What they don’t realize is that running excessively can over use the hip flexors; the muscles near the front top of the hip. As you know I don’t recommend for anyone to run consistently for extended periods and this injury is just one of many reasons to stay away! Once again, you must strive for a balanced routine and make running part of an intelligent routine, not the routine.

Benefits of Gym Fit Therapy at Back in Balance Clinic:

Benefits Offered By Back In Balance

You may wish to book for a Sports Massage, £55 for 1 hour, if you simply want help with recovering from the stresses of Gym training and had no injury!

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Your first appointment

During your first appointment with Back in Balance Clinic we will discuss your symptoms, conduct a thorough assessment and examination. This allows us to offer immediate treatment to resolve your aches and pains.


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You may wish to book for a Sports Massage, £55 for 1 hour, if you simply want help with recovering from the stresses of cycling training and had no injury!

At Back in Balance Clinic we look forward to helping you to be pain free and flexible.